Dance competition photography providing

instant 10x8 prints at £6 per photo or 3 for £15

We have a portable studio, which we are able to bring to your dance school/club and do a photo shoot for your team. We can also bring our studio to events, where we also have the ability to print photos instantly on a sub-dye printer. 


What space is needed to operate your portable studio?

Ideally we look for 12sq Ft area and a height of 10ft

How many people can you shoot? 

The most people we can shoot at a time on our studio is around 10 people. This varies by size of the party and poses wanted. You will find examples in the photos on this page.

If we are shooting your team individually, the amount of people we can shoot depends on the amount of photos we are shooting and the length of time available to us. It is best to drop us a message with your requirements so we can see what is possible.

What backdrops are available?

We have white, grey, black, pink and a green screen background.

The green screen allows us change the background for certain shoots, we can do Disney princess backgrounds for birthday parties or sci-fi backgrounds for conventions etc.

How do we get the photos from a club photoshoot?

Once the photo shoot is over we will select the best images and edit them within the time frame that we agree with you on the booking of the shoot. We will then provide you with each persons edited images on separate disks as well as individual download codes for the photos. We will also provide you with a master disk of all the photos we have edited. 

Do you need power to operate your studio? 

No, however if you want us to provide prints there and then, then we would need power. If the shoot was to go on for a long period of time, then access to power would help, but it would not need to be in close proximity to the studio. 

What are the charges for event photography? 

There are several ways of costing event shoots and they vary depending on your requirements, we can charge the club, we can arrange a per person charge for people attending the shoot or we can attend your event and provide photography to the public at a charge to them. 

There are many options when it comes to our Club & Event photography, send us a message on our contact page with some of your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Photo Shoot at a Dance School 20 people on the shoot with 4 edited images per person


Sci-Fi Convention Scarborough - Green Screen and On Set photography