VHS Transfer Digital Download

VHS Transfer to Digital Download.


Transfer your precious memories from VHS tapes into a digital download that you will be able to download and watch on your computer, Tablet or Phone. The VHS tape will be transferred into MP4 files that will play on most modern media devices. Each tape will be transfered at the highest quality, this may lead to one VHS tape being split into two or three parts, but we will label them to avoid any confusion. 


  • The cost is charged per VHS tape regardless of how much footage is on each tape.
  • We can not transfer copyrighted material. 
  • The lead time for your transfer will be 3 weeks from us receiving your tapes. 
  • You can post your order to us, or drop off point is available in the Scarborough area. 
  • You will be able to collect your order or we can return your order via post for a return postage fee.


All care will be taken to ensure that your memories are preserved both in the digital conversion, and on the original VHS tapes. Unfortunately VHS tapes degrade with age and the film can become brittle and mouldy. If your tapes require a cleaning process before they can be transferred, we will contact you to ask if you would like us to proceed for a small fee. If you choose not to proceed, or we believe the tapes are beyond repair, then we would refund your order, save for the return delivery if it was selected. 


If you would like to contact us with any questions regarding your order, or you have specific requirements, please email us - contact@fpphotographs.com



VHS Transfer Digital Download

  • Once your order is complete, we will be in contact by email within 24 hours to arrange a drop off time/delivery address and discuss any extra details that may be required for your order.

    Please be on the look out for an email from contact@fpphotographs.com