Our 'Capture The Moment' photoshoots take place out on location in or around Scarborough.


What is a 'Capture The Moment' shoot?

These sessions are aimed at getting fun and relaxed photos of loved ones on location in Scarborough. The shoots can involve the whole family, just siblings, or even a solo shoot. The session will last up to one hour and will have 6 edited images included in the package.

Who would benefit from this session? 

If you are looking for some high-quality photos of loved ones to hang on your wall, or you're looking for presents for extended family, this shoot will be the perfect fit. The shoot comes with 6 edited images provided digitally and you will have reproduction rights to get them printed at any photo store or online.

What age would you recommend for a sibling shoot?

We are happy to shoot a client on their own from the age of two. We can shoot any age within a group shoot.

A Capture The Moment Shoot

How many people can you have on a 'Capture The Moment' shoot?

This depends on the location and age of the people involved in the shoot. It is best to message us with what you have in mind and we would be able to best advise location and if it would be feasible for all involved.

Will there need to be a chaperone? 

By the nature of this shoot, there will always need to be a parent or guardian present for the shoot.

How long will the shoot last? 

The shoot would likely last between 45minutes and 1 hour. This may vary depending on group size and location, but we will advise this in the run-up to the shoot. This shoot allows for 1 change of outfit if required.

What is the price of a 'Capture The Moment' shoot? 

We have two packages for the 'Capture The Moment' shoots. The Shoot & Photos package costs £60 and as well as covering the cost of the shoot, also includes 6 edited images as part of the package. 

The 'Shoot Only' package costs £30 however, this does not include any photos as part of the package and any photos selected after the shoot will be at a cost of £8 per photo.

A Capture The Moment Shoot