An example of a 10 Image Portfolio Shoot for under 18's

We offer three different levels of portfolio shoot at Fp Photography, Mini, Full and the Ultimate.


What is a portfolio shoot?

A portfolio shoot is ideal for getting a wide range of photos, with a mixture of headshots and full-length portraits within the shoot. There is an opportunity to change your look several times on the shoot, as well as different locations or backdrops.

Who would benefit from a portfolio shoot? 

The short answer to that is anyone!


Some common reasons people require a portfolio shoot with us are applying to stage school, wanting a career in modeling, updating their portfolio to attain work, building confidence and self-esteem in themselves, creating a social media presence and many more.


A portfolio shoot is about us working together to create images of you looking amazing! that you can keep and capture that moment for the rest of your life. Regardless if it is for a specific reason or you just want some great photos you can share and be proud of, a portfolio shoot is a perfect solution.

What age would you recommend for a portfolio shoot?

The youngest we advise is 5 years old for this type of photoshoot. We do offer different photoshoots for younger children, but we wouldn't recommend a portfolio.

We offer portfolios for over 18's where we shoot lingerie and implied nude, this is purely at the discretion of the model and you would need to bring a photo ID as proof of age to the photoshoot.

Will I need a chaperone? 

If you are under the age of sixteen then we require a chaperone or guardian present at all times on a portfolio photoshoot.

If you are aged between 16-18 then you would need to be accompanied to the shoot by a guardian or chaperone, and they will need to sign a waiver form, but they do not need to stay.

If you are aged 18+ then you do not need to bring a chaperone, although if you would like to bring one along to the shoot you are more than welcome to do so.

An example of a 10 Image Portfolio Shoot for over 18's