Fp Photography is ran by Andrew (Fatpants) & Sophie, we have been a couple for over 11 years and we have been doing photography together for the last 5. 

Andrew handles all the photography, whilst Sophie is a master with all the editing. 

We both have a big background in performing arts, having both attended Hatton School of Performing Arts when we were younger (Sophie still does)

We are all about having a fun time with our photography. It is one thing to get a great shot, but if you aren't enjoying yourself along the way then we see that as a wasted opportunity. 

You won't be micro managed on a shoot with us, we simply give you advice on how to improve the shot and then work with you. I find nothing more off putting than when a photographer gives 10 corrections and expects the model to still look natural. We are more than happy to take 10 average shots to get the 1 that blows us all away.

We have an extremely high return rate with models who have worked with us and that is something we are extremely proud of. Our favourite part of photography is getting to meet new people and going out there to produce great images together. 

When we are not shooting or editing you will tend to find us either eating, sleeping or eating. 



"Andrew and Sophie are two of the loveliest people you could meet, so the experience of shooting with them is a lot more than just getting a few photos taken. I've shot a few times with FP and every time has been hilarious, it's so fun! They make you feel so comfortable, and whether you have any experience or not in front of the camera they're great at giving tips and tricks on how to pose and how to look your best. And if the incredible experience they give isn't enough, the pictures they produce are so gorgeous and high quality. 11/10 would recommend to everyone!"


Lucy Fletcher

Mini Portfolio Shoot