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An Example of a Party Shoot

What is the price of a party shoot? 

There are two different packages available for our party shoots.

Party Package 1

  • 1-5 people

  • 2.5 hour shoot

  • 3 outfits/looks

  • 10 edited images included


Party Package 2

  • 6-10 people

  • 3.5 hour shoot

  • 4 outfits/looks

  • 12 edited images included


We offer party shoots for up to 10 people, these will take place either on location around Scarborough or in our state-of-the-art studio

What is involved in a party shoot?

A party shoot is similar to our portfolio photoshoots, only it is tailored to suit a party group of varying sizes. We will shoot up to 3 different outfits/looks on a party shoot and we will shoot each look with each party member individually as well as in group photos. ​There can also be smaller group photos and shots of each party member with the host of the party. Each look/outfit will also be shot on a different background or setting with the process of shooting everyone individually and in a group happening each time.

At the end of a party shoot, we will forward a password-protected online gallery to the party host and their parent, so that they may choose the photos they wish us to edit from the shoot. If you wish to forward the gallery to other members of the party or their parents, you are welcome to do so and they are welcome to order extra photos if they want to.

What age would you recommend for the shoot?

For party shoots the minimum age is 7 years old.

Will there need to be a chaperone? 

By the nature of party shoots, there will always need to be a chaperone present. We do however not recommend lots of parents to wait around the studio, as whilst our studio is big, the party guests will likely want to use most of it whilst preparing for the shoot or entertaining themselves filming TikToks, etc whilst not being photographed.

What will the guests do when not being photographed?

When in our studio, the guests will be able to use our dressing room and waiting area to pick out their next outfits and get changed in the times when they are not shooting. We have a small kitchen facility in our waiting area, so if you wish to provide party snacks for the guests to eat whilst they aren't shooting you can feel free to do so.

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