An Example of a Party Shoot


We offer party shoots for up to 12 people, these will take place at a location of your choice in, or around Scarborough.


What is involved in a party shoot?

A party shoot is similar to our closed group shoots, only it is tailored to suit the occasion. Everything on a party shoot can vary depending on what your requirements are. Everything from:


Length of shoot

Number of outfit changes


We are happy to liaise what we find works best for party shoots and help you plan the best possible shoot for your needs.

What age would you recommend for the shoot?

For party shoots the minimum age is 7 years old.

Will there need to be a chaperone? 

By the nature of party shoots there will always need to be a chaperone present.

What is the price of a party shoot? 

Party shoots start at £80 for up to 4 people and then an extra £10 for every extra person on the shoot (to a maximum of 12)

There are 8 edited photos included in the package as standard, with an extra photo added for each extra participant after the original 4.