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  The modern world of Model & Talent agencies is extremely difficult to navigate with countless scams and fraudsters on every corner of the internet. They want to trick every young teen into thinking they can make them a star or make guarantees they can book them as a model for the biggest fashion labels in the business… This of course is absolute rubbish!


  • No reputable agency will ever guarantee you work!


  Very few reputable agencies will ‘scout’ models these days. There is no shortage of young people wanting to be models and many of them are capable of the job, so they do not need to scout individuals via social media asking for them to join their agency, etc. 


  •  Anyone who approaches you or your child via social media scouting for an agency should be treated with the utmost suspicion! The chances they represent a reputable agency are very slim.


  The common technique used to gain money from prospective models is to tell them how perfect they would be, persuade them to come for a free photoshoot either in Manchester, Birmingham, London, etc, and that is when they are hit with “If you pay £££ we can get your website set up, which will guarantee you work” or “you need to pay £,£££ for the portfolio images from today and we can guarantee you will be working for Gucci within 6 months” etc. I know in the cold light of day these seem like obvious scams, but we have come across many people who have been scammed for hundreds, and some, thousands of pounds! This is genuinely heartbreaking because whilst they often receive some nice/ok photos for their money, its absolutely not worth the value they are paying and it will not lead to any work as these are not reputable agencies, and quite frankly, they have no care or interest to get you work. 


These scams are often hard to spot as they will have a perfectly legitimate website with fabulous reviews because it is all fake. As soon as they are reported to a governing body in the sector, they instantly change their company name and that of the studios they use, then carry on as normal from the next day. 


By keeping our ear to the ground within the industry, we have gained a good list of reputable agencies that can be applied for, as well as scam agencies/studios that should be avoided at all costs. Reputable agencies vary in what their application process is, the work they represent, whether they are North or South based, and if they require you to be solely with just them or you’re allowed to be with multiple agencies. 


All reputable agencies will allow you to apply using simple clean photos taken on your phone. These should be well-lit, of high quality, clutter-free against a plain background, and wearing plain clothes. You do not need a portfolio of photos in order to apply to an agency! And your application photos do not need to be taken by a professional photographer… 


Where does our agency package fit in? Well…



There are two sides to our agency package and why we think it can be helpful in giving you/your child the best start to a possible career in modeling/performing. 


Application photos - On the shoot we will take a series of application photos with you. These will be a mixture of full-body, quarter-length, and headshot images. These images will be perfect for applying to agencies for as long as they still represent your current image… If you change your hair colour a week later or leave it over 6 months to apply, chances are they will then not fully represent your current look, especially younger children. 


As stated above, whilst application images can be taken yourself at home as a passport photo can be, we have a bit of an advantage in getting the best possible photos to apply with. Using the experience we have, natural light, and professional encouragement to the model, we think we can really help get the best images for an agency application. 


The model/client in these photos will not be retouched in any way so that the photos are a true representation of the client, as that is exactly what the agencies are looking for. They do not want to see a filtered or face-tuned application photo. The only editing we may do on the image is to tidy up the background etc. 

Portfolio Photos - The portfolio section of the shoot will entail shooting in 4 different outfits on a variety of backdrops in our professional photo studio. 


There are four huge benefits we see for offering portfolio photos as part of this package: 


  • ​The client gains experience in front of a camera in a professional photo shoot environment. We often hear how someone ‘really wants to be a model’ but they don’t actually have experience of having a photo taken outside of family, friends, and selfies. Well, this is the perfect experience for really getting a feel for what they might expect on a professional photoshoot. We will work with the client to give them confidence in their posing and movement in front of the camera, all while keeping the shoot light-hearted and fun. Also ‘Practice makes Perfect’ The more experience someone gets in front of a camera, the more natural they become, this can only be a major positive for anyone looking to do modeling.

  • ​These portfolio photos will be retouched in the same way a professional magazine or article may retouch their photos. This means these photos could go towards you creating an online presence for your own portfolio, regardless if you get into an agency or not. There are many people out there who have booked modeling work for local boutiques and clothing apparel etc through their social media presence. These photos would be a great way to showcase what you can achieve in front of the camera and there is always the possibility that you can forge your own little path in the business. We would strongly recommend for younger children to have their social media accounts run by parents and even older children have their accounts monitored by parents. The chances you will receive even more scam/fraud messages are increased if you are actively seeking modeling/performing work through social media.


  • Some agencies may ask for a social media link (most often Instagram) on their application form, if they then look at the social media account along with the application, then seeing some high-quality portfolio images could certainly aid in the process and is very unlikely to hurt it. As well as this, some agencies are also happy to add professional photos from any photo studio to the portfolio of a client they take on their books. This could mean (depending on the agency) that you have already made a start on your agency portfolio. I must state that some agencies will not use images from outside their own photographers and that even if they do, they may still require you to have a portfolio done with their photographer as well.


  • You are going to have high-quality professional studio photos that will last you a lifetime. These photos will look amazing if you decide to print them out to put on the wall, fabulous gifts for family and friends, and will capture a moment in your lifetime that you can keep forever, regardless if you proceed further with modeling. 


With all that in mind, our agency package is £140. This includes a 2-hour photo shoot in our professional studio, where we will shoot agency application photos, portfolio photos up to 4 outfits. This will then result in an online gallery where you can select the images you would like as part of your package. As part of the package you will be able to select 3 images from the ‘agency application photos’ and 4 images from the ‘portfolio photos’ (these will be separated within the gallery). If you decide to purchase any extra images outside of the package, they are £15 per image, with special bulk offer pricing as follows:


8 Images - £100, 12 Images - £150, 15 Images - £190, 20 Images - £250. 

As we stated at the top of this page, there is absolutely no guarantee in you being accepted into an agency with these photos. There is no guarantee of any sort of success in modeling with these photos, and anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to scam you. We promise that is not our intention in the slightest and the main reason we created this package, was to try and keep people away from modeling scams, whilst helping them on the right path if it’s something they want to pursue. 


When we send you your final edited photos, we will also send you a link to the agencies on our recommended list, as well as detailing the scam agencies to make sure you avoid them. We do not help with any of the agency applications or the process of applying to agencies, however, if you have a question in the process we will certainly help and offer advice if we can. 


If you have got this far and would like to book an Agency package with us, or would like to discuss this further, please do get in contact. This is one of our favourite packages and we absolutely love to help aspiring models of all ages. 

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