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A Group Shoot

Can we do more than one booking in a day?

Absolutely, if you wanted to book more than one group in you could do so on the same day. 

Can we add more than 12 people to a booking?

We think 12 is the maximum number on a shoot where each member doesn't feel like they are hanging around too much in between shooting etc. However, you can always contact us if you feel you require more on a booking.

Can we have a group photo in our club uniform? 

Absolutely, each booking can have a group photo in their uniform if you wish, or just in their own clothes. If you were a dance club booking one of your show teams, they could have a group photo in their uniform which you can use to advertise and will also act as a keepsake for them for years to come.

Can we use the photos in our advertisement?

You certainly can. This is a great opportunity to have high-quality professional photos of your team/s that you can use to advertise your club. You can also use the individual photos from the shoots providing you have the permission of the person/s in the photo.

Can we change the prices of the shoot?

No, we have set the prices of each shoot so that they line up with our current prices and reflect the value that we strive to offer our clients. Each package is priced at the same cost as if the individuals booked with us directly. The fundraising element comes from Fp Photography taking less profit from a shoot, rather than the individuals paying more. 

We think these shoots will be a fab way for friends to share in a photoshoot together, whilst also raising money for the club that they love. Both I and Sophie have so much respect for the different clubs out there that help to keep people connected and give safe places for people to go in the community. We see these shoots as a great opportunity for us to meet new faces as well as a chance to help raise some money for these clubs.

With the opening of our brand new state-of-the-art studio, we are looking to help local clubs with their fundraising, whilst also providing images the clubs can use for advertising. 


What is a Fundraising shoot?

We can host groups of up to 12 people at one time in our studio. We offer three different package options that as a club you can decide what is right for you and your members. 

How does the fundraising work?

We offer the shoots at a set cost per person (the cost varies depending on the package) Then after the shoot, we will donate a set amount to the club. The amount will depend on the package and the number of people taking part in the shoot.

What do we as a club need to do? 

To run any of the packages we need a minimum of six people to take part in each booking. Once you have selected a package and the number of people to take part, we will liaise with you to book the slot that works for all involved and we will forward you some preparation info that you can send to the people taking part in the shoot.

Will we need to chaperone the shoot?

Depending on the number of people taking part in the shoot and their ages, we may require that there be one parent/guardian or representative of the club present to chaperone the shoot. This can be discussed when booking the shoot.

Can there be a mix of ages in each group?

Absolutely, although we wouldn't recommend anyone under the age of five to take part in a group session like this. If you were thinking of arranging something similar for little ones if you contact us and we will be able to discuss a more suitable alternative. 

What is the price of a Fundraising shoot? 

There are two different packages available for our party shoots 

Headshot Package

  • 6-12 people

  • 2-hour shoot

  • 2 outfits/looks

  • 2 edited images p.p. included


Mini Studio Portfolio

  • 6-12 people

  • 3-hour shoot

  • 3 outfits/looks

  • 3 edited images p.p. included

Full Studio Portfolio

  • 6-12 people

  • 4-hour shoot

  • 4 outfits/looks

  • 4 edited images p.p. included



Club owners for more detailed info on the fundraising

element please click for more info and contact us for the password

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